Tips on How to Play Online Poker

Once you have reviewed some basic maneuvers, now we will give you some simple poker strategies to implement, and that will help you master your game:

  1. Think about your position

In poker, the order in which players act is already established for each round. In this sense, the last player is the one with the most information. Therefore, he can make a more considered decision about how to proceed in the game.

Also, the person to the right of the dealer, the bouton, potentially has more power than the dealer himself, since he can raise the bet and remove it from the play.

If you are in one of the top positions of the table, try to be more selective with the hands you play. On the contrary, if you are in the last, you will have some advantage when acting.

  1. Calculate Odds and Outs.

Enter a poker game without knowing how to do this calculation would be like driving blindfolded. You may be lucky in some round, but it is more likely that you will end up crashing.

What are they?


If you have a flush with nine outs, your probability of winning will be 18% to win [9 x 2]. It sounds a bit technical but in the end its basic arithmetic. To make your life easier, we leave you the following table with the outs and odds of the most frequent plays in poker:

  1. Know when to raise the bet

Now that you have done your evaluation of the situation of the poker table. You have several options; one of them is raising the bet (raise). When?

  1. When to call

If you have an excellent hand, but you want to hide it to increase its benefits, matching can be a good option. You can also do it to bluff in the following rounds, giving you to think that you have a better hand that you have.

Another reason to match is when you have good odds and want to stay in the game, but limiting potential losses.